before arrival to Slovakia

RESEARCHER – third country national

  • Visa – NATIONAL VISA TYPE D – application – preparation of all documents required for submitting an application for visa
  • VISA requirements: Do you need a visa to enter Slovakia? – check on the website: Schengen visa info
  • All documents required for submitting the application for a temporary residence for the purpose of research and development
  • it is important to communicate and co-operate with the relevant SAS institute to which the applicant was admitted (with the coordinator of the institute), where the candidate was accepted and also with the Euraxess Point SAS


  • stay in Slovakia of duration more than 90 days – the researcher should apply for the national visa – type D – which is necessary for applying for temporary residence
  • the application may be submitted at the diplomatic mission of the Slovak Republic accredited to the country of the applicant´s citizenship or applicant´s residence
  • it is recommended to book an appointment at the Slovak Embassy/Consulate office
  • it is necessary to have all required documents ready for granting visa, and also those documents necessary for the temporary residence application
  • visa is granted for 90 days
  • Embassy/Consulate Office has 30 days for deciding on the application

required documents:

  • application – completely filled in Slovak and signed by the applicant
  • recent full-face colour photograph – 3 x 3,5 cm
  • valid passport – please note, the passport must be valid for at least three months after the expected expiry of the visa, the applicant applied for, the passport must be issued in the last 10 years
  • document proving the purpose of stay – Hosting agreement – in Slovak or bilingual:
    • Hosting agreementadvantages:
      • simplifies the administrative process – for example, when applying for temporary residence, an extract from the criminal record is sufficient only from the country where the applicant has resided for the longest time in the last 10 years (not from each country where he/she has resided)
      • the opportunity to be employed immediately, regardless of the situation on the labor market and without obtaining a work permit
      • the possibility to work on the basis of an employment contract, a work performance agreements, an employment agreement
      • possibility to teach (max. 50 days in a calendar year)
      • simplified mobility within the EU
      • the possibility to renew your temporary residence permit for another 9 months in order to look for a job or business
      • a researcher’s family member may apply for a temporary residence for the purpose of family reunion and may be employed immediately (without obtaining a work permit)

To conclude a hosting agreement, the institution should have the permission to accept the foreigners to perform research and development activities. Such permission is granted by the Ministry of Education, Science, Research and Sport of the Slovak Republic (MŠVVaŠ SR), additional information and a list of organizations.

  • Documents proving financial coverage of the stay – Hosting agreement or confirmation of the balance on the bank account in the name of the applicant or confirmation of the statutory body of the legal entity on the financial and material security of the applicant during his/her stay
  • It is not necessary to submit documents on accommodation
  • Travel insurance – minimum € 30,000 insurance coverage
  • Flying ticket
  • Administrative fee: € 60
  • + Criminal record extract for the purpose of submitting an application for temporary residence in the Slovak Republic

All documents must be in the same format as for applying for a temporary residence permit, i. e.:

* if the submitted document is issued in an EU country and a foreigner wants to use it in another EU country, then an apostille is not necessary – this applies to some documents

More info here Ministry of Foreign and EU Affairs of the SR.