Competences in hiring a foreign employee

  • Communication with a foreign employee who was accepted to the SAS Institute and with the Euraxess Point SAS – providing as much information as possible about the employee:
    • Who
    • From (country)
    • When should he/she join the SAS Institute
    • Doctoral student (study) or Researcher (Hosting agreement)?
    • Where (country) has the researcher been the longest in the last 10 years?
    • Where (country) did the doctoral student (student) stay besides his/her home country?
    • Is he/she accommodated in a SAS dormitory or does he/she have his/her own accommodation?
    • Does he/she come with a family member? Or will he/she apply (over time) for family reunion?
    • Did he/she apply at the embassy (Embassy/Consulate of the SR) only for visas or even for a temporary residence? (Does he/she have a certificate of application for temporary residence through the embassy)?
  • Documents required for the issuance of a visa and temporary residence – issuance of a Hosting Agreement/Confirmation of admission to study/Confirmation of a scholarship, etc.
  • Ensuring the official translation of documents issued abroad into Slovak – usually a future foreign SAS employee will send an extract from his/her home country from the criminal record (or other necessary documents) to Slovakia, to the responsible SAS institute (coordinator/tutor) who will provide official translation and sends the translation together with the Hosting Agreement/other confirmations back to the future foreign employee of the SAS to the home country
  • Quarantine – communication with the accomodation in Royova Street (with Ms. Kmeťová) and incoming foreign employee regarding his/her arrival (Ms. Kmeťová provides specific information about quarantine accommodation, prepares keys, etc.)
  • registration of a foreign employee, or assistance to a foreign employee regarding registration via the online reservation system of the foreign police for the application deadline