after arrival to Slovakia


COVID-19 MEASURES: registration at eHranica, Flight electronic passenger search form, quarantine, PCR test

  • Quarantine – mandatory home isolation – in case the family member has the private accommodation (flat rent, room rent, etc.) or the Slovak Academy of Sciences quarantine accommodation – Dormitory at Royova street 10, Bratislava (if he/she is usually accommodated at one of the SAS facilities)
  • PCR test

NOTICE OF THE STAY at the Foreign Police Department

  • if the family member undergoes quarantine in private (has his / her own accommodation) – he/she reports his/her stay independently within 3 working days of entering the Slovak Republic
  • if a family member is in a quarantine accommodation at Royova 10 – the accommodation facility reports his stay

TEMPORARY RESIDENCE – an application, check of all documents needed for the application, booking an appointment at the Foreign Police Department via the online system


The application must be submitted in PERSON on the official form and in the Slovak language at one of the departments of the Foreign police, using the online time slot registration system. In the case of a minor child, the application is submitted by the legal representative – PARENT. If the applicant cannot submit the application in person due to bed-bound, the application is submitted by the person whom he/she applies for family reunion.

  • Application and the relevant documents must be complete, otherwise the application will not be accepted
  • All necessary documents must be prepared when applying for national visa, resp. before coming to Slovakia
  • The application must be submitted in time (immediately after arrival in Slovakia) so that it can be decided until the national visa expire
  • The Department of the Foreign Police will decide within 90 days of receiving the complete application
  • Temporary residence for the purpose of family reunion is granted until the expiry of the temporary residence of the national with whom the third-country national applies for family reunion, but for a maximum period of 5 years
  • Administrative fee € 132,50 (in stamps, if submitting the application at the Foreign Police Department) /€ 135 (in cash, if submitting the application at the diplomatic mission of the Slovak Republic abroad), children under 18 years of age are exempted from the fee
  • the issuing of a residence card (“kartička”) can take up to 30 days (fee € 4.50 in stamps) or expeditiously within 2 days (fee € 24.50 in stamps)
  • The residence card can be collected in person (after receiving a text message from the Foreign Police Department) or it can be delivered by a courier (fee 3 € in stamps)


  • Form – application – completely filled in Slovak and signed by the applicant – you can find it under the name „Žiadosť o udelenie prechodného pobytu“
  • 2 x Recent full-face colour photograph – 3×3,5 cm
  • Valid passport
  • National visa – type D
  • Documents proving the purpose of the stay – family reunion:
    a document (registry document) proving the relationship with the person granted the stay – the so-called warrantor of the stay:
    •  Spouse – marriage certificate
    •  Child – birth certificate
  • + Affidavit by the legal guardian (parent) that the child is free
  • + In case it is a child of his/her spouse – a copy of the decision of the competent authority to entrust the child to personal care
  • + The consent of the parent to whom the child has not been entrusted and who has the right to meet with the child, that he/she agrees with the reunion
  • A person dependent on care – birth certificate
  • + confirmation from the doctor that the medical condition requires the care of another person
  • + a proof that there is no one to provide support in the country of origin
  • A copy of the warrantor´s residence document (the person with the granted residence, or the person who applies for a residence permit and with whom the applicant applies for family reunion)
  • Documents proving the financial security of the stay

An affidavit of the warrantor that he/she will provide the applicant with financial and material support during his/her stay in the Slovak Republic (in the amount of the subsistence minimum for each month of stay – until 30.06.2021 it is 214.83 € / month or 2,577.96 EUR / year)

+ A contract of employment / Hosting agreement / Scholarship certificate / Employer´s confirmation on the warrant´s salary / Bank account balance confirmation in the name of the warrant

  • Documents on accommodation officially legalized

Affidavit of the warrantor on property ownership/rental contract (applicant as tenant/one of the tenants – officially verified signatures of the landlord and tenant)/confirmation of the accommodation facility (hotel/hostel)/affidavit of the property owner (individual/legal entity) on providing accommodation to a foreigner

  • Extract from the criminal record – from the country in which the applicant is a national and from countries where he has resided for more than 90 days in the last 3 years for 6 consecutive months (does not apply to a child under 14 years of age) – superlegalized / apostilled and translated into Slovak by an official translator.

Apart from the registrar documents (marriage certificate / birth certificate), all other documents must not be older than 90 days at the time of submitting the application. All documents issued abroad must be superlegalized / apostilized* and translated into Slovak by an official translator.

* if the submitted document is issued in an EU country and a foreigner wants to use it in another EU country, then an apostille is not necessary – this applies to some documents

Duties after being granted temporary residence – after collecting the residence card:

Submit to the Foreign Police a medical record not older than 30 days confirming that you do not suffer from a disease endangering public health. The list of specialized medical centres you can find here (medical record is issued for a fee).

Sign up for health insurance within 3 working days from receiving the residence card.

Submit a document on health insurance at the Foreign Police within 30 days from receiving the residence card.