before arrival to Slovakia

PhD student – third country national

  • visa – national visa type D (long-stay) – application – preparation of all documents required for submitting the application for visa
  • VISA requirements: Do you need a visa to enter Slovakia? – you can find out: here or here
  • preparation of all documents required for application for temporary residence permit for the purpose of study
  • it is important to communicate and co-operate with the relevant SAS institute (with the coordinator of the institute), where the candidate was accepted to and also with the Euraxess Point SAS


  • stay in Slovakia of duration more than 90 days – the applicant should apply for the national visa – type D (long-stay), which is necessary for applying for the temporary residence permit
  • the application may be submitted at the diplomatic mission of the Slovak Republic accredited to the country of the applicant’s citizenship or applicant’s residence 
  • it is recommended to book an appointment at the Slovak Embassy/Consulate office
  • it is necessary to have all required documents ready for granting visa, and also those documents necessary for the temporary residence application
  • visa is granted for 90 days
  • Embassy/Consulate Office has 30 days for deciding on the application

required documents:

  • Application form – national visa type D – signed by the applicant 
  • Recent full-face color photograph – 3 × 3,5 cm
  • Valid passport – please note, passport should be valid at least 3 months after the expected expiry of the visa applied for, the passport must be issued within the last 10 years 
  • Documents proving the purpose of the stay – confirmation of admission to full-time study
  • Documents proving the financial coverage – confirmation of scholarship grant
  • Travel insurance – 30.000 € insurance coverage
  • Flying ticket
  • Administrative fee: 90€ – visa granted in connection with a residence permit application to be submitted in the Slovak Republic
  • + Criminal record extract for the purpose of submitting the application for temporary residence in the Slovak Republic 

All documents must be in the same format as for applying for a temporary residence permit, i.e.:

* if the submitted document is issued in an EU country and a foreigner wants to use it in another EU country, then an apostille is not necessary – this applies to some documents

More info here Ministry of Foreign and EU Affairs of the SR.